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Hi, my name is Stephanie. Feel free to call me Stephanie, Steph, Stephie/Stephy, Stephiroth or the new favorite Xerxes. Please don't ask me where that has awoke from, because I honestly don't know. Apparently my sweet tooth and weird attitude reminds people of Xerxes Break from Pandora Hearts. Anyway, I have brown hair and blue eyes and act like Komui Lee from D.Gray-Man when it concerns my OC Sapphire as I'm very protective of her as though she was my real child! Wipes the tear from my eye I'm 17 years of age and a British College student. I love anime and I love manga and I love gaming and I love writing! Yes it was necessary to type that in an annoying manner! While we're on the subject of games, my favorite happens to be Pokémon. My current love life consists of Pokémon SoulSilver and nothing more ;)! ... Sadly. :(

Aside from that I've decided to break up my about me section into subheadings so you can skip a head and find out what my fave things are concerning what I write about. I've been told my poetry surpasses my skill as an author, however I prefer writing stories and use Fanfiction to broaden my mind and imagination. I write false stories like fanfiction in preparation for writing up real original tales.

My Favorite Anime?

Well currently I am watching D.Gray-Man, but In love with Kuroshitsuji at the moment, but I am still loyal to my Pokémon and Bleach. Of course, who wouldn't be loyal to them? They're awesome! Now if I was to rank ALL! the anime I have watched in order from best to worst (in my opinion) then it would take a while. The list isn't as long as some people's but it's still long to make my fingers hurt from typing.


Death Note

Pandora Hearts

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Ouran High School Host Club




Soul Eater

Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni (All series)


Seikon No Qwaser

Rozen Maiden

Macross Frontier

Dragon Ball Z

Azumanga Daioh

FullMetal Alchemist

Pokémon (It's quite low on my list because they've milked it so badly)



SHE. The Ultimate Weapon

Yu-Gi-Oh! (NOT! GX and 5Ds)



The Mystical Detective Loki


Sailor Moon


I think there might be more, but my mind is dead, so if I remember them at a later date I will add them. If there are ANY anime in that list that you have not even heard of, PLEASE! Go and watch them now. Most of them Animes are REALLY good. In fact, the ones that I've watched and not really liked (like Naruto) don't get on the list because I'm ashamed to say that I've watched them. (Well, I didn't really watch much of Naruto. PLEASE don't give me hate mail just because I don't like it, I just don't find it my sort of Anime.)

Fangirl In Denial?

I'm not a fangirl T_T Or if I am, you'll never get me to admit it. Hmmm? Who is my top five sexiest anime guys. Well in stead of giving you 5 I'll give you the one (or two) Top males I like in each anime I can be BOTHERED to list. ENJOY!


1). Kisuke Urahara!


1). SIR AARON! (From the 8th movie)

2). Steven Stone!

Death Note:

1). L

2). Mail Jeevas/Matt!

Soul Eater:


The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya:

1). Itsuki Koizumi (He's SNEAKY)

Ouran High School Host Club:

1). Kaoru! (Does that make Hikaru one as well? xD)

2). Mori-Senpai!! _

Pandora Hearts:

1). Gilbert Nightray! NYAAAAAAA

2). Xerxes Break


1). Sebastian!

2). The Undertaker XD


1). Lavi~

2). Maybe Komui's Personality ;)

Favorite all time Anime Charaters?

What kind of profile would this if I didn't tell you who I thought were the top 5 best anime characters in my book hey? Well before I go, I'll show you~

Best Guys:

1). Kisuke Urahara

2). L

3). Sebastian

4). Gilbert

5). Takashi Morinozuka

Best Girls:

1). Haruhi Suzumiya

2). Chii

3). Yoruichi

4). Misty

5). Alice

Last but not least? RPing.

Ah, well of course, I almost forgot. Just a short run down on my OCs if anyone is interested in RPing with me!


Sapphire Ukiuno(Bleach) Gekkou (Pokemon)

Sapphire Ukiuno/Gekkou is used for both Bleach and Pokémon. Looks wise, she's very similar, but of course, I can't have her as the exact same person. But she basically is, because she's based on me. The way I split the two up is by their surnames. Ukituno and Gekkou. I use Gekkou as her Zanpaku-to though.

Looks: Golden brown hair that goes from straight into ringlets. Sapphire blue eyes. Tends to always wear white and blue skirts with a matching white and blue top. Loves to wear heart shaped necklaces and has a taste for hats, but only in Pokémon acctually wears one.

Personality: Is always helpful and tries to do whatever she can. She wouldn't die for all her friends, but would to prtect those who are very dear to her. (In my Bleach story she displays her will to protect Kisuke countless times and as the story goes on, you'll see the others she would die for. I'll try to get up a Pokemon story showing her.) She can be very shy upon first meeting, but once she knows someone, she's fun to be around and sort of flirty as well. She's loyal to her friends!

Zanpaku-to: Gekkou Koneko (Moonlight Kitten)

It's power is risen in the moonlight, and thats where the blade has the upper hand. The blade becomes more like a sharpe cat's tail and is quite flexible. It's length increases and it turns into a whip, with movements as if a cat was wagging it's tail. The hilt also has sharp and thin small blades sticking out of it, as if to be whiskers. If the zanpaku-to is used on a full moon, it also has the power to manipulate water, perhaps even freezing it. It still has hidden powers and thats only in Shinkai. Sapphire still can not use it to her full advantage.

Pokémon team (in the end of it all):








(Based on my games:P)

Love interest: Kisuke Urahara/ Gary Oak

Crimson Skye

This is my Soul Eater RPer. I really do hope to get a story up about her soon _ I have started one, but I'm thinking about a whole restart on it XD. She's a meister and has the Weapon Tom. She is one of 4 children and has 2 older brothers and a younger sister. Her older brothers are called Shadow-Black, and Teal while her little sister is called Silver. (all colours I know!!)

Looks: A black hat with a white bow on it. Her hair falls just past her shoulders into, golden brown ringlets. Cloudy blue eyes! (a trait of mine nearly all of them have blue eyes). Mid length boots that are white with a black bow around them. A rather short skirt that has a black bow around the waist that's tied up into a rather big bow at the back. A White vest top with a black pattern on it and to finish it all off, a black jacket with a hood that she never wore up.

Personality: Is pretty much the same as Sapphire's, but she's not flirty at all, and a lot more cluless and naive.

Weapon: Tom. He's rather a naughty weapon who get's bored a lot. He also tries to peek up on Crimson when ever she's in the shower or something. He turns into an Ice staff. The staff has a blade on one end, and a orb at the top, which can manipulate water (why is no-one suprised by that? XD). Tom can also turn into a complete long sowrd and suck energy from who ever wields him to add to his own strength, if needed.

Love Intrest: Justin Law!

Diamond (Dianna Mond)

I'LL TALK ABOUT HER ANOTHER TIME! XD I've been writing about this for ages. But she looks and acts completely different from the others! She also is for Death Note!

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