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Author has written 3 stories for Harry Potter, Legend of Zelda, and Ouran High School Host Club.

Status: Post-final traumatic stress. I failed. But onto happier summer days. Sneaking onto the internet via wireless - de jure banning from ff.net by evil father. Oh yea, totally Twilight + New Moon obsessed.

Hooray for Model United Nations, it has quietly conducted a coup d'etat and usurped my life over the course of this school year. I'm still having a little trouble coming to terms with the fact that I have just written 7 research papers over the course of just a few short months when it used to be next to impossible for me to bang out a half-decent one in an entire school year. Not possible. Lots of fun though, but I'll end my shameless advertising of this overly addictive drug here. Remember, you can always say "No" never underestimate the power of "No" blah blah all that D.A.R.E. stuff, but seriously, go to one MUN conference and you're hooked. Most of us end up becoming conference directors in the end because we just can't give up the thrill simply for the sake of university. Of course, now you possess the power of THE GAVEL. Chairing is more difficult than it seems, but oh-so-thrilling and intoxicating. Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Julius Caesar - don't forget your classics

Besides this not so private obsession of mine (and half the Honors population of the high school as well as a certain teacher), life is very mundane. High school does not possess even the most miniscule percentage of the drama accredited to it by chick lit, modern novels, television, chick flicks, and popular prejudice in general. No, the seniors are not big nor are they scary and that strict hierarchy is next to non-existant (except in clubs where only seniors can hold high-level executive positions). Actually, high school is pretty much summed up in "loads of work", insomnia, and the skipping of meals. Besides English, my other two languages are French and Chinese. And, no, my school doesn't offer Chinese. Too bad though, I'd get straight A+s, sometimes I think it's better than my English. French is just French. At least my teacher's better this year. Last year, M. Pamplemousse (names have been altered for their privacy) was a waste of clean air. Thirty something and balding, not to mention that he knew less French than yours truly.

"I am sixteen going on seventeen ..." well, not exactly, but close enough. Anyways, a few more days and I'll be "sweet sixteen, never been kissed" and all that cliche-ness. But, then again, Life was never kind.

But I'm rambling again. Back to topic.

I do have a fictionpress account: http://www.fictionpress.com/~whisperingxblue but I haven't exactly written anything for it yet what between ff.net and school and all so, for now, I'm satisfied being a type of resident critic =).

Mes chefs d'oeuvres

Indigo - the 6th chapter is about half-way finished with some expansion of already present but subtle plot developments and hints. An appearance is made by Kreacher, and he will play a central role in bringing that particular twist into the light. A nouveau expansion of the plot of the story will be divulged for the first time (Hint: this time the expansion is to the past, but it will play a vital role in the later stages of the fiction). Apparently Lucius is in Azkaban and Draco and Narcissa are both in some degree of danger (a recent refreshing of memory via wikipedia helped bring that interesting fact to light) so something along those lines will be incorporated. My apologies if my own misinformation has caused any readers confusion.

~some questions to ponder - what did the Sorting Hat mean when it was sorting Blu?/why is Alba at Hogwarts?/what is the actual profession of Blu's parents?/who is committing the murders?

Note: (since I forgot) I do not own Harry Potter, never shall and never will.

Gris - a brief one-shot look at Mido's thoughts as he watched the boy he onced ordered around, Link, save Hyrule and become a hero while all he can do is watch from the eaves of Kokiri Forest

Note: I do not own Zelda

Periwinkle - set about ten years or so after the graduation of the original Host Club in an Ouran that is losing its grasp on the money-ed elite as rival schools that stress "wealth over lineage" lure away many of its less aristocratic students. With the arrival of the daughter of a bankrupt English lord and the gradual weakening of the world they once knew, the Host Club must put to use all of their collective charms in order to preserve life as they know it.

Prologue up, first chapter up (about 7 pages)

The cast: Aki (the Prince/Alice), Kyo (the Shadow King/the Cheshire Cat), Haniko (the White Rabbit), Nori (the Dormouse), Hiroshi and Kazuo (Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dum), and Ciel (the Queen of Hearts)

Feat. brief cameo appearances by the original Host Club and perhaps Haruhi.

Note: I do not own Ouran High School Host Club et. al.

What to Look Forward To:

Thinking of posting some Zelda one-shots now and again since I have a couple of songs that I find pretty inspiring for some unrequited MalonxLink one-shots, but not particularly excited about these topics since, after all, they're one-shots (nothing against one-shots, but again ...) there's really not much I can do with them and that bores me.

A suggestion posted by Miki23 about Kyoko and her mom (further details shall be disclosed once I get started) Title still pending.

o0o0o0 Taking suggestions for future fanfictions as long as all suggested pairings are heterosexual. If you submit a suggestion that is not honored, please forgive this authoress, it means that she hasn't read said "fiction" as of yet or sincerely disapproves of said pairing and really couldn't dream up a decent story with that pairing incorporated. Also accepting challenges and offers for coauthoring in which (as stated above) the pairings are heterosexual. no lemon, T rated only, merci beaucoup

If you ever have TIME on your hands

- Rose Zemlya: her Zelda fics are exquisite

- Ryuutsu Seishin Hime no Argh: I think that's how you spell it. His (or her) Zelda fics are very well written and the wealth of POVs is quite interesting

By the by, I recently made a C2 for the up and coming Skip-Beat fanbase. You should really check the manga out (17kk.net or zxmh.net ... I think? if you can read traditional Chinese, up to chapter 107 up!) It's FABULOUS. No cliche-ness, no weak/innocent female characters (or the opposite cardinal sin - overtly angsty and strong). J'adore Kyoko. Two REALLY awesome guy characters (Eye candy much?) and very plot-driven. A romance that can really go two ways (rather than being "oh, it's obvious x and y go together") or up in smoke any second (because who needs love when they can have fame, money, POWER?). Never seen anything like it until seiano hooked me up.

A Little Poetry



千年修行 千年孤独

千年等待 千年孤独

你看衣袂飘飘 衣袂飘飘
你看衣袂飘飘 衣袂飘飘

A really gorgeous song. Youtube it, seriously. Slightly 狼爱上羊-esque in the accompaniment and tone. Pretty much a song regarding old Chinese legends of a white demon fox (generally female) who falls in love with a man who saves her and comes back as a beautiful woman to repay the debt. Very sad. I would translate it, but some of the (inflections? innuendos? subtleties?) are hard to grasp in English due to culture gap.



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