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4/30/09: This place is officially deserted.
I'm going to be honest, folks. Writing fanfiction was fun while it lasted, but I simply have too much going on in my life to keep updating. School, new demands in music and other factors simply make continuing my stories impossible.

To fans of the stories, I'm very sorry it had to end this way. But that's just how things are. My interest in continuing with Notes Of Sorts is 0, and will remain that way.
It was a fun ride, but all good things must come to an end. This is one such thing.

Hey folks!

While I feel I have no right to call myself an author in any right, I've decided to post the collection of what is now three years' worth of writing and scribbling, in a notebook, what I thought would be a better fanfiction than... my first "effort" shudder... God help you, should you e'er find THAT waste of dump.
In any case, I write mostly Ranma ½ fanfiction, simply because it's my favorite series, and one of the two I'm actually into much. The piece I've posted here is what I feel to be an interesting fusion of some of my loves and favorites: Ranma, music, writing, Oingo Boingo, a small dash of humor, and... who knows? I could've missed something!

Should you feel the need to tell me of something I could improve in one of my stories, or simply have praise/critique, I'd be more than happy to hear you out!

I also have a music account, so if you feel that writing doesn't match my creative call well, I also have my (infernal) Myspace...


Oh, and, before I start in on Updates: Fanfic writers, if you'd like to use the ½ symbol, hold tab, then press 0,1,8,9 on the number pad. It works WONDERS.

UPDATE 6/30/06: As per request (already!), the next three chapters are up. More to come!

UPDATE 6/30/06 (Later that day): Wow! I've put up a good chunk of the work (we're up to Chapter Six at this point)! I'll have to start typing up the handwritten text much quicker at this rate!

UPDATE 7/2/06: Early in the morning, first day of work... and Chapter Seven's up! Ranma bumps into an unlikely fan...

UPDATE 7/6/06: Yet ANOTHER update! At this rate, actually, the chapters will be updated slower, because I still have to type up the handwritten text for the next few chapters... This new chapter has Kuno making a different move for Akane's love... and a new enemy.

UPDATE 7/14/06: Just over a week since my last update... and people stopped reviewing and reading since then ;_; So, please! Read on! Try picking up on things you've missed! Oh, and, in regards to the lyrics.. I've yet to put them to actual music, but I might soon. I've got SOME ideas. Let's just say... There might be more Eurobeat in Bad Shoes' repertoire than you imagined, heh... these will be found on my Myspace account.

UPDATE 8/21/06: Just got back from Hawai'i... and 4 days before my birthday! Much joy. In the meantime, as summer winds down, I'm looking forward to a calm school year, in which I may have more time for this... more to come!

UPDATE 10/17/06: Oh wow! It's been a while since I've updated. Well, here's the lowdown: Y'know how I said that I'm looking forward to a "calm" school year?

Yeah. Not happening.

At any rate, with school, work and other obligations, it might be a long time until there's another update. My sincerest and utmost of apologies. When I do find the time, and I remember the great site that lent me so much support in my efforts, I'll see what I can do.

That's right. I found time to add another chapter to the site. Woohoo. A bit angsty, but nevertheless. This one's a teaser (read: Placeholder until I finish transcribing the rest of the chapter).

UPDATE 3/25/07: I'm not dead. Really, I'm not. I've just been busy (yet again), but just remember that you are not forgotten. I'm finishing up the handwritten version, and will soon be putting up more chapters (hopefully!)

UPDATE 6/17/07: Still not dead. In fact, to prove it, I've got a VERY small shortfic that I just need to upload and configure for . I'll only hint that it involves more of my love for destroying the canon chaos... XD

UPDATE (Later Same Day): Told 'ya. LIEK ZOMG NEW CHAPTURZ! And more to come. This puppy's comin' to a close, and I'll be bringing on a MUCH shorter, funnier fic after that. You can count on it :3

UPDATE 7/20/07: ATTACK OF TEH KARPAL TUNNELZ! ...actually it's true. My right hand has a weak but still present case of it. It hurts to type this very message. XP As such I'll be putting any work on the fic on hold for a bit. I'll return with an update of SOME sort, I swear. While I'm outt'a commission, be sure to check out my music at /travisodyssey. I just updated it. :3

UPDATE 8/30/07: Carpal Tunnel still present, even through my turning 18. Ooh Ahh. Actually, the case has now equalized into both wrists and will require some heavy time off the computer or using wrist splints whilst I type. Not to mention, I've been practicing my music-keyboarding for leading worship at Family Camp this year (Camp Hammer REPRESENT~!), which hasn't made the case easier. But don't despair! I AM still here, and I DO think about finishing Notes of Sorts rather frequently. Once this case of CT is down for the count, I'll be typing, keying and whateverin' away, and R½:NoS will be finished. I have actually finished the hand-written version of it (it was really quite a feeling of completion for me, true as true), so the typed up version will follow soon, along with excuses for just why the ending is sort'a mediocre (if you ask me).

UPDATE 10/8/07: That's right. Two more chapters. Battle with Carpal Tunnel continues, with my left hand almost done and my right hand just about the same as before. Music's getting more and more difficult, but always worth it. Remember that I wrote this almost over three years ago, so the quality isn't... QUITE the same caliber as my current fiction-writing.

zoupzuop2 out.

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