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Author has written 21 stories for Final Fantasy XI, Silent Hill, Dead Like Me, Avatar, BioShock, Mass Effect, Elder Scroll series, Fallout, and Dragon Age.

Update 6/8/14: Okay, for serious. TLSOAE was the last, last one I'll ever do. No more fics. I've said this like...Di Boni, three or four times now. I keep swearing it off and I keep coming back to post because I'm not in control of my muse and I do what she tells me to. Sad face.

So hugs and kisses peeps, I'm gone for good this time.

I desperately hope.

Half Lives:

The only thing I've been thinking about other than that was a final story for my Long Division series (I don't know where the compulsive urge to write three stories in a series of increasing length comes from). It would likely feature the Word Bearer marking Shady Sands and delivering a nuke to the downtown area. It was also going to have two distinct versions based off of what ending you chose for NHLYO. It would be a long one with a couple of OCs wound into it, so I've not even started dreaming of the fully fleshed out plot, just toying with it in my vast imagination garden.

Anywho, thanks for reading and reviewing. I'm glad these will remain up for people to enjoy and hopefully they'll encourage other people to take a stab and write one of their own. The world can always use more people with imaginations and busy pens.

ME - Links to further reading:

Bad: /document/d/1w1OL4aAU3AUIavo4rF9jNSNKd-rAcn01Rd8VI_WhY5U/edit

Good: /document/d/1YcjbapzT-7qdwmutZJR3GKBgYVwbCWS9Du_Gl15reh8/edit

Added a few tags to each story to keep them straight. Should be a tad easier to see which story follows which since they're a bit disjointed and I can't really group them together the way I'd like.


Thanks to the good people over at deviantArt for being super cool about using their work. Can't think of a better place to get images for our stories since their labors of love are much like ours. I recommend checking out the images in their full glory; the small covers shown here simply don't do them justice.

Skyrim - Bully and Hunter Seeker courtesy of DjCoulz of DA. Profile link: http:///

The Heaviest Crown courtesy of H-Ell of DA. Profile link: http:///

Avatar - All images courtesy of Sheridan-J of DA. Profile link: http:///

Silent Hill - All images courtesy of Agehachou of DA. Profile link: http:///

Mass Effect - After image courtesy of Maloneyberry of DA. Profile link: http:///

To The Fairest and Zero Mass courtesy of naiya1982 of DA. Profile link: http:///

Hunting For The Witch courtesy of DancinFox of DA. Profile link: http:///

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Two years have passed since the fateful events that shaped the lives of the Pilgrim, Knight and Killer. Each of them attempts to put the past behind but the mad king of the mists, the Dark Man, isn't content to leave them be. Reaching beyond the veil of Silent Hill to touch them in the real world he calls them back for one last game. Conclusion of the "Ashes To Blood" series
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After spending years wandering Skyrim and ultimately saving Tamriel from the World Eater, the Dragonborn Verax turns his attention to the land that forged him into a legend. With the temporary armistice still in place he devises a plot to bring peace back to the troubled province and ready the land for the ever present Thalmor threat. Conclusion of the "Whitescale" series.
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